This is a list of open-source projects built on top of Seaside. Also see the extensions and commercial applications.

  • Churrasco, Marco D’Ambros
    Supports collaborative software evolution analysis through visualization.
  • Gjallar, Göran Krampe
    An advanced web based issue tracker.
  • Magritte, Lukas Renggli
    A generic self described meta-model with Seaside integration.
  • Mewa, Adrian Lienhard (discontinued)
    Meta-level Architecture for Generic Web-Application Construction.
  • Pier, Lukas Renggli
    An extensible object-oriented content management system which powers this very website.
  • SeasideXUL, Pavel Krivanek
    Desktop applications with Mozilla XUL look & feel.
  • SqueakSource, Adrian Lienhard, Lukas Renggli
    A smart Monticello code-repository for Squeak.
  • SourceTalk, Andrea Quadri, Lukas Renggli
    The Monticello 2 code-repository.